Brad Morrison | Technology


Brad has been serving the network marketing profession for the last 21 years with innovative and technical solutions that have helped distributors worldwide build and grow their business. With a servant's heart commitment, he has earned the respect and trust of companies, top leaders, and distributors alike who want to position and equip themselves with the latest and proven technologies designed to differentiate and separate themselves from the competition.

One of the first to develop a web-based CRM for network marketers in the early 2000s, Brad and his business partner, led a team that delivered over 70 million leads to network marketers, designed auto-responder campaign and followup programs, and email list management services. In 2007, the company was sold to a venture capital firm. Brad continues to support and promote the profession to this day.

With a keen understanding of the relationships between corporate and the field, and the field to prospects and customers, Brad is consistently promoting responsible social media practices and strategies that foster an environment whereby all participants are engaged and led to have a great user experience. His love for this profession is evident whenever you speak with him, and with an opportunity to be a part of the AmpLIFEi leadership team, Brad is excited to bring together his collective experience to design and develop unique marketing strategies and solutions that have never before been made available in the network marketing profession... until NOW!


Amber-Lynn Cantrell | Compliance


Amber-Lynn Cantrell has over 20 years of regulatory experience and currently serves as Director of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, overseeing how foods, dietary supplements, nutritional products are developed, tested, manufactured, marketed, and distributed to certify that they meet regulatory requirements at each stage of product development for Amplifei. Part of those responsibilities also include advising those companies on compliance with applicable global legislative and regulatory laws, pre- market and market entry requirements, import/export legislation, label and ingredient reviews and oversight of product license application (PLA) submissions to the proper regulatory authorities for approval. Prior to working with direct selling companies as a consultant, Amber-Lynn was founder of one of Canada's leading and most sought after investigative firms specializing in regulatory, compliance and background intelligence, having served legal firms and top governmental agencies such as the Competition Bureau and Health Canada as a lead investigative specialist.


Ashly Henson | Customer Support


Ashly is a servant hearted, fun loving wife and mother of two. Ashly has spent more than 20 years in the customer service industry and has served in rolls from service to support. Over the last 12 years Ashly had the privilege of working on a University campus in the role of Administrative Coordinator. Her mission has always been to provide support to a team where we all make a difference. When approached to join this company she knew it was the right move. Ashly has always felt like when you find a place who's goals and mission line up with yours it just feels like home and is excited to be part of a company that is providing a positive path to impact the world.