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Why Amplifei?
Community Experience!

Amplifei was built from the ground up to fit the life you live! As a social seller, you can focus on building your team and scaling your business the way you want to, all while balancing your personal life. You’ll have more time for the ones you love the most, and for the things you truly care about.

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to live your passion, make a difference in the world, and start a business that allows you to make the most of your time, talents, and resources. We’re obsessed with helping you be the best version of yourself so you can live the life you love!

Being part of a family


Family is much more than people we are related to by blood. It’s a bond, a communal trust, an undying commitment to a common cause. This is what makes Amplifei a different kind of company.

We work together as a single family, and in doing so we have created a culture that values honesty, hard work, integrity, passion, integrity and fun. Our company is built on that culture, but our success depends on our people.


Putting the UNITY back in CommUnity

Now you can be a part of it all!

At Amplifei, we’re putting the UNITY back in CommUnity: a feeling of fellowship with others, sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Many companies foster a toxic culture, where people separate themselves into groups within groups and they end up leaving many people feeling like outcasts. We don’t do that.

This is a family! We’re united together, supporting each other through the good times and the bad: because that’s what family is for.


You Are Seen!


Here at Amplifei we celebrate those of us who have achieved amazing goals and made a positive difference in other people’s lives.

Success stories inspire us all, so we pride ourselves on giving well-deserved recognition to the hardest working members of our community.

What’s Your Passion?

We work hard and play hard.

We take the time to enjoy life, but we also strive to make a meaningful impact. Amplifei is a company with a purpose: to make people healthy and happy. We don’t just sell the best nutritional supplements on the market, we’re also a community of like-minded people out to make a positive difference in the world. We want to help you reach your full potential, all while making friends and having fun!

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