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Our Story is Your Story

The Founders

Robert Oblon
CEO & Co-Founder

Laura Oblon
President & Co-Founder

Laura Oblon
President & Co-Founder

Known as MLM’s “Wonder Woman”, she’s been a music minister (winning singing competitions and traveling), and has owned her own bakery (and being on Cupcake Wars as well as numerous news stories for her baking). As a third generation network marketer, her whole live has been touched by the profession. As a mother of four, (two of which are now authors), she has been a consultant, a master rep and top income earner in the companies she’s been involved with.

As the President and Director of Training for Amplifei International, Ms. Oblon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a top executive of a Direct Selling company.

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Meet Laura

The #1 Motivational Speaker in the world says:

“In today’s world in order to win, you must surround yourself with people that have vision, passion and most of all…integrity. Robert Oblon has those qualities and much more. I see him as a mentor, strategist and a trusted friend you can count on. Robert inspires people to Manifest their Greatness.”

– Les Brown,Speaker and Author of “You’ve got to be Hungry”

Success Leaves Clues

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Robert Oblon
Founder & CEO

As a digital artist in the mid 1990’s, Robert taught himself how to build websites before anyone he knew had one. It was in 1995 he landed his first client, a travel company out of Glendale, CA., where he was from. “Back then,” Oblon said “no one had a website, so I started building them forall of my friends who had businesses, like my chiropractor, the tanning salon, realtors, they all thought I was crazy!” For timeline purposes, Expedia was founded in 1997 and no one even heard of it until about 1999. Robert was building travel websites almost before anyone was online. 

In 2005, by then known is some circles as “the online travel specialist,” Robert parlayed the technology he helped craft and design into his second venture into MLM and launched a company he Co-Created called WorldVentures.

“In 2005, online travel was taking a dent out of the businesses of traditional travel agencies, said Oblon. We launched the world’s first meta-search engine using the distribution model of multi-level marketing.” WorldVentures went on to become the largest travel MLM in the world. After a difference in believes and values, Robert left the company to pursue an elevated business model. It took many years after build the vision he had in his head, but it finally took shape when he created and launched

Elevacity was a play on words, which Robert was notorious for, which was a business set on “Elevating Lives” through health and wellness attached to the opportunity associated to MLM.

Robert had secured a unique new formula for instant coffee and named it Elevate Brew. The vision was still not all the way intact until he launched the updated version and that new business model was called “Elepreneurs”, another play on words meant to depict Elevated Entrepreneurs. After launching in December 2017, it became the fastest growing company in the world for 2018.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances that cannot be shared as of this writing, Robert ended up settling disputes with the companies he created in February of 2020 and decided to create a new company that launched June 1st, 2020.

The new company is called Amplifei™. Along with the product line company called HAPI Nutritional Science Systems™, Robert is continuing his 20 year journey of building opportunities for home-based entrepreneurs.

Along with his wife Laura Oblon, they have “Amplifei’d” the model yet again with what they’re calling the New World Business From Home Business Model.

It may not be more true than right now when they say: “You’re in the right place, at the right time.”